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Technology Meetings


Technology Meetings
Subject: Technology Meeting
Location: BOC Room
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Shafeeq Hameed
3 New Self Help Services Offered by IT 
  • Helpdesk Portal - view and submit helpdesk tickets online
  • Password Reset Self Service - Allow users to reset their own password
  • Bitlocker Self Service - Allow users to unlock their bitlockered PC if it is locked due to a hardware change.
  • IT Lunch and Learn - Short end user trainings during the lunch hour. (Word, Excel, Outlook...)
Shafeeq Hameed
Shafeeq discussed the need to push forward and upgrade all County PCs to windows 10.
Current issues we are working on addressing:
  • New Machine Purchasing only comes with Windows 10 Drivers.
  • Windows Store
  • Adjusting with the Upgrade schedules.
  • This coming October will the be the 3rd version of Windows 10.
  • AS-400
  • Application testing.
  • User Training.
Shafeeq Hameed
Changes in Microsoft Licensing Cost
Currently we are using a rental model of Microsoft Office Licensing. This model is going away August 2016.  Our Licensing is good through December 2016.
We currently pay:
$249 per user
Yearly Cost for 310 users is $77,190 
Future Costs:
Yearly Cost for 485 users is $111,268.70
(Microsoft has changed the way they count users causing the increase)
Shafeeq discussed the added features we will get with the new Office 365 licensing.
  • Office can be installed on 5 devices per user
  • OneDrive cloud storage 1 TB per person
  • Skype Instant messaging
  • Yammer (like private facebook for a company)

This moves us much closer to being portable workers.


Shafeeq discussed the need for training employees on new Office 365 technology and cloud computing concepts.

The 2016-17 IT Budget:

1. Training cost for new Office 365 Software for $72,000 which will include 45 days of training

2. Upgrade to Office 365 License Structure that will cost $34,078.

The aforementioned training monies will be radically reduce the succeeding fiscal year; however, the license fees for Office 365 will be an annual expenditure. During the budget review process, the Board will have any opportunity to revisit this proposal.


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Shafeeq Hameed